po drugiej stronie tęczy..., strona do marzeń, zamyśleń... strona dla czasu,
który warto poświecić, nie myśląc o tym ile się traci,
a jedynie jak wiele zyskuje...

Paweł Wojtyszyn - Adventure and exploration

Peopleand rest of the world vs. me

Marek Matysiak I’ve met him on this strange meeting in the TV studio. Later, I run across him in Africa. Since then, he is like my soulmate. Having pasta with mayo together in Africa, tastes better than it looks like. We don’t stay in Hilton hotel on the black land, we rather sleep under the sky. We don’t eat in the restaurants, we choose street food. And there is another thing we’ve got in common – we just adore african gin-tonic (Santé!). Marek is that kind of the person, which makes me believe that we can get everything we want when we’re around certain people. People who can be our background, and we can be background for them as well. Who knows.. maybe if he was a girl I would fall in love with him ;). A real friend, blogger: https://afryka.blog.pl

Jerzy Flis old fisherman, my Gabon vicar and confessor ;). One of the longest rock hair in Africa. Humble monk in the daytime, who turns out to be a real cold beer gourmet.. not just beer by the way. Just like Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hide.. ;). I think, one day we will be neighbors.

Yemane Taye one of the few African I met, who didn’t want anything from me.. A real friend. When I was waiting for visa in Addis Abebe (Ethiopia) and I run out of money, he let me stay in his home for 30 days.. I spent whole days eating loads of oranges and watching movies with Rambo, Jackie Chan and Van Damm.., what went far towards retrieving my passport and visa back..

Jacek B. my mentor and guardian Angel :]. Makes perfect mother-in-law scrambled eggs.. fried well like in the nuclear reactor.

Marta Jackowska Uwadizu I stopped over one Day In Kano (Nigeria) at Martas home. Supposed to be just for 3 days, ended up on 14. We slept on the mattress in a hut made of red bricks and clay, covered with corrugated iron. We had to bring water from the well. We eat goats heads and drank cold STAR beer. At the night time when the temperature dropped to 30 degrees we danced to mr. vain – culture beat or haddway – what is love. And if you know songs like this, you can imagine dancing to it at this temperature.. it must be someone really special to share moments like this with. Marta could have been my first white “African” wife, if not her jealous black skin boyfriend, who she finally got married after a while. Life, isn’t it?

Boba Baka pygmy - he saved me from committing suicide, when I bought a canoe and was struggling to sail across the La Nouna river :].. During those 40 days spent together, I’ve experienced more that for the past 10 years in Poland.

Seydou chief on one of the villages near Belinga (Gabon) – I’ve met him accidently and spent 2 days at his place waiting for the bush taxi back. During those two days we were just sitting on the porch, staring ahead, saying a few words now and again idly and drinking (economically) old liqueur, opened especially for me. I’ve visited him twice since then.. every single time I got to see the same porch, liqueur, and time going so slowly. I’ve learned, that silence doesn’t have to be empty. I miss it a lot.

Ghadi the most frightening eyesight and the most beautiful smile in Turmi (Ethiopia). The beginning of the tribal friendships are difficult.. but now.. pancakes, tea and other specialties.. only at Ghadi home.

Yusuf Abiodun if You want to walk around the Lagos (Nigeria ) at night ? You must meet Yusuf. He was a bit angry at me recently.. but I hope we’re sound now?

Artur Józefowski extraordinary dreamer. So stubborn. Creative. Hard-shell idealist. He gets all he wants at any price. We argue a lot, but I still love his guy and his personality. I guess we’re stucked to each other. Author: https://wddw.pl, creator of: https://extremewalk.pl

Angel African Kulczyk and a mon Mama de Arica. 500 EUR notes are her favorite, cause they take less space in the wallet, as she says. Tough women with a heart of an angel.

Emmanuel Okyere he made my room looking a lot better.., so as the rooms of other people I hope, who bought stuff (masks mainly) I brought from west Africa. Canny and very honest.

Kelly Yadessa Dodger ;). It all started from w few hours fight about 2USD.. ended on a long friendship.

Muhammad the owner of a off-road 4x4 Toyota, made out of 20 other Toyota cars.. and many others. In this perpetuum mobile construction he just forgot to put a fuel tank inside (plastic bottle instead), no lights (good job I had a headtorch, that he used to light up the road). Car springs have been strengthened with the sticks from the forest, and attached to the car chassis, with the wooden bar and rubber stipes cut from the inner tube. And the most amazing thing was that Muhammad had it all under control, and the car was actually driving. I managed to control it after a lot of palm wine.. It was suppose to take us 2 days to cross the border Gabon – Congo (Ekata-Dzala) it turned out 10 days.., 5 days driving, next 5 pushing the car. Our paths crossed two times since then. Is it destiny? Inshallah!

Piter Muhhamads helper. More of a mental one ;). Very sociable guy. No matter what happend, falled steering wheel, broken spring or a car chassis, he is always smilly. Usually You can meet him with the touristic chair in his hand. Our favourite dish: frozen yogurt in a plastic bag (You snap one of the corner and sip this melting drink) and a croissant.

Irina Wehmann left all she had in Germany where she was born and came to Ghana.. Pure golden heart. Remembers about my birthday better that I do. Keeps fighting with her husband Jimmy, about throwing the banana skin through the car window..

Arsene Tite Matingou David Copperfield of IT branch.., the first “enter guy” in Congo Brazzaville.

Nicola lumberjack at the day time.. during night night – raconteur, mythomaniac, one of the first dancers in Blanco Disco in Makokou (Gabon). Now, after the promotion he moved to Libreville, where he stays busy all the time.. but he is still the same Nicola I used to know..

Baboo Nooran he used to say about himself “poa kichiz kama ndiz” (crazy like a banana).. Last time I saw him he weight 15 kilograms less, and assured me that he will open his office in Stone Town (Tanzania). As You can see his chubby cheeks, ..he made it. Meanwhile Europe is in crisis..

Henry during the first election in Sierra Leone, he already had a right to vote. Despite all these years.. every time I see another beautiful girl at his side. He’s doing fine I guess. Speaks rarely, drinks often. Get’s along with Jacek ;]. A Real knowledge treasure.

Jimmy Andoh Irina’s husband – friend, pastor, defiant student.. who's still struggling to get familiar with the europen manners, which his wife Irina is trying to learn him :]