po drugiej stronie tęczy..., strona do marzeń, zamyśleń... strona dla czasu,
który warto poświecić, nie myśląc o tym ile się traci,
a jedynie jak wiele zyskuje...

Paweł Wojtyszyn - Adventure and exploration

Biography - Paweł Wojtyszyn


I started working when I was 16. IT was just a natural thing to do. It was as obvious as colored TV has finally replaced the black and white ones. Money, everyday routine. Propaganda of consumption. After a while every single hour stuck in this world seems like a punishment. I’ve made my decision: I went away. I wanted to experience something, feel something and lose as well. My instinct was my guide.


“Paweł Wojtyszyn – 26 years old. Education: law student, just one more year to go on the University of Wrocław. In love with Africa. Has been to about 21 countries. Have seen the mountains, forests, deserts and the jungle. Have crossed the Africa from the south to the north, from the Mozambique lagoons to the Moon Mountains in Kongo, from slums in Johannesburg all the way to the deserted Namibia. All by himself by the plane, helicopter, train, ship, boat, canoe, bus, motorbike, hitch-hiking, walking, on the truck, swimming and horse riding. Has been trying to find diamonds in the central Kongo, has been in the gunpoint of the Sudan Kalashnikov. He also had a chance to chew chat with the Maasai people, catch fishes at the coast of Tanzania, and truck the gorillas climbing the volcanoes of Rwanda. He experienced the ice cold Siemen mountains and river rafting on the Zambezi and finally died for thirst on the Sahara deserts with the smugglers.” Portal Internetowy Wirtualna Polska WP.PL

That was 5 years ago. Sounds like something big and extraordinary? Well, it shouldn’t. There are thousands of people like me!

So You must know, that I never had any ambition to be a leading traveler in the travelers world, I had ambition only about my travel. Authentic, unique, difficult, off the beaten track, close to the people - this was my one and only ambition.


.. graduated, with a lot of professional experience.. and a big mortgage ;). I live and work In Wroclaw. Still travel trying to catch the dreams. I love what I’m doing, so in the meantime I try to make other people dreams come true. I’m about to open my own Travel Agency, and the only thing I’m scared, is that people are not into doing things that are really cool.., I’m afraid they would rather climb the Kilimanjaro.., then the Mt Kenya, bacause at the end of the day no one will know where Ol Doinyo Lengai is..